Positive Britain company limited has been devised by leading experts in television technology, start up business mentors and broadcast journalism




Our main focus is to produce broadcast programming which can potentially be broadcast via EUTELSAT across Europe and has a footprint from Iceland to Saudi Arabia and a coalition partner SKY 585 LOVEWORLD which has a potential broadcast viewership figure of 64 million and has audiences in UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, India, southern and central Africa and the Caribbean.




Ian Pelham Turner

A journalist and TV broadcaster with 53 years’ experience in UK matters. His specialist knowledge includes the Royal family, tourism and business promotion, political affairs and the promotion of immigrant communities in Britain.

Michael Spooner

Founding Director Michael Spooner is a social Entrepreneur, Academic and qualified Management Consultant as well as a Chartered Company Secretary (F.C.I.S.). He has 16 years’ experience working for five London Local Authorities, of which, 8 years were in senior Management.

Helidon Kastrati

An Albanian born highly successful British business man 

Prosperity Pledge

ALB UK TV in association with Positive Britain has created a new unique prosperity pledge designed to promote young people’s dreams and aspirations to help create a successful future.

The prosperity pledge will be a visual CV and has two elements, the first being a statement from the person in bold which highlights the 10 positive attributes that they value about themselves. Secondly, a further statement that they must adhere to which clearly states aspirations and achievements to be pursued for their positive future.

This will be filmed as a video for them to take away when applying for any future opportunities.


All London Broadcasting

ALB UK TV is a multicultural broadcast service which has English and Albanian links.
Based in Colindale north London we use the latest high technology cameras and editing suite to provide successful messaging.
This is provided by a team of professional presenters and journalists and support technical staff
Our distribution is via Facebook and Digital /Eulsat across Europe.


Positive Britain is a new approach to engaging with individuals with challenging backgrounds and experiences that need support, mentoring and funding to transform their ideas into concrete viable business ventures.

We have designed a package of support that involves media, communications training, mentoring and business guidance that will accelerate their personal and business growth through use of our TV channel and communication platforms to enable disconnected youth, budding entrepreneurs and individuals to overcome adversity in their lives.”

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing uncertainty and turbulence as it navigates the complex procedures in exiting the European Union.

We believe that there will be a significant increase in demand for support and funding as the UK economy prioritises self-employment as a means of creating wealth and prosperity across our towns, communities and regions.

The founders of Positive Britain feel this could be one answer to the growing nature of knife crime stabbings and gangland culture in British cities arising out of Disconnection, social exclusion and a breakdown in parental support as economic deprivation fosters economic inactivity amongst these groups.
This project will contribute to giving disconnected youth a voice, capitalising on their potential and strengthening their existing skills and encouraging a clearer path.

Understand your user experience

The founders of Positive Britain wish to establish innovative methods in key sectors of British business and the promotion and awareness of trade overseas utilizing our broadcast systems, skills and knowledge, the support of positive immigration issues in Britain and be one solution to youth gangs and knife crime. We will provide services that support, mentor and promote new and existing small and medium size enterprises. Our work will actively create awareness amongst diverse communities from black and Asian backgrounds, different European migrants who have recently settled in the UK and wish to establish a business or trade in Europe. A key feature of our work will be to highlight and promote their success stories that they bring to Britain and its economy.

Positive Britain has existing platforms to energise these core issues and seek support from like-minded organizations both financially and in further brand building and assisting us in creating a broadcast training programme designed to work with disconnected youth with a focus on teaching our customers positive journalistic skills whereby they will report on positive aspects within their communities and highlight their ideas and business ventures.


Positive Britain Ltd will seek funding to further the aims of this project. Our initial revenue streams will be produced by charging for our services in the promotion and broadcasting of SME’s business ventures and training them our media and broadcast skills and developing their plans that can underpin future funding opportunities. Further to this we seek to work with Government, Local Government and the wider business sector in the UK and particularly at the community level to build bridges between Government and community groups and to connect with hard to reach and diverse communities through the power of TV broadcast, online communication and business support.

Positive Britain will work towards seeking funding from charitable, private investment, sponsorship, advertisement and make nominal charges for our services.


Positive Britain will utilise the extensive knowledge of the founders which culminate in 100 years collectively of supporting Positive Britain.

Our main focus is to produce broadcast programming which can potentially be broadcast via EULSAT across Europe and has a footprint from Iceland to Saudi Arabia and a coalition partner SKY 585 LOVEWORLD which has a potential broadcast viewership figure of 64 million and has audiences in UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, India, southern and central Africa and the Caribbean.

We also will utilise ALB UK TV Facebook which receives monthly an average of 600,000 views.
We see this as a useful method of building awareness amongst small and medium size enterprises in the UK and abroad, reporting on the values of diverse individuals that seek to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to communicate ideas to the world on success and how they have overcome adversity.
We feel that Positive Britain can become a highly effective brand and we will actively seek other experienced personnel to join our venture.

The company has


- 01

Exciting Business Videos

Create exciting and informative business videos at an accessible cost especially for young and start up entrepreneurs, in our high technology TV studio and potentially broadcast the imagery on TV and
social media platforms.

- 02

Train Young Teenagers

train young disconnected teenagers in suitable areas in creating positive broadcast packages as an incentive away from social and criminal unrest.

- 03

Promote Britain Globally

create broadcasts designed to highlight the values of immigrant communities and promote Britain globally as a country full of exciting opportunities.



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