Positive Britain is a new approach to engaging with individuals with challenging backgrounds and experiences that need support, mentoring and funding to transform their ideas into concrete viable business ventures.

We have designed a package of support that involves media, communications training, mentoring and business guidance that will accelerate your personal and business growth through use of our TV channel and communication platforms to enable disconnected youth, budding entrepreneurs and individuals to overcome adversity in their lives.

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing uncertainty and turbulence as it navigates the complex procedures in exiting the European Union.

We believe that there will be a significant increase in demand for support and funding as the UK economy prioritises self-employment as a means of creating wealth and prosperity across our towns, communities and regions.

The founders of Positive Britain feel this could be one answer to the growing nature of knife crime and gangland culture in British cities arising out of Disconnection, social exclusion and a breakdown in parental support as economic deprivation fosters economic inactivity amongst these groups.

This project will contribute to giving disconnected youth a voice, capitalising on their potential and strengthening their existing skills and encouraging a clearer path

Ian Pelham Turner

Honorary President of ALB UK TV

A journalist and TV broadcaster with 53 years’ experience in UK matters, currently Honorary President of ALB UK TV in London. His specialist knowledge includes the Royal family, tourism and business promotion, political affairs and the promotion of immigrant communities in Britain.

Michael Spooner

Founding Director Michael Spooner is a social Entrepreneur, Academic and qualified Management Consultant

Founding Director Michael Spooner is a social Entrepreneur, Academic and qualified Management Consultant as well as a Chartered Company Secretary (F.C.I.S.). He has 16 years’ experience working for five London Local Authorities, of which, 8 years were in senior Management.
Michael has gained strong business and project development skills. He offers an outstanding track record of facilitating and delivering change in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He prides himself on being an expert on all aspects of equality and diversity practice: including designing and conducting Equality Impact Assessments, delivering Equality and Diversity Training and designing Equality Monitoring systems.
He has worked on a range of projects involving the creation of different business organisations such as Companies, Social Enterprises and Not-For-Profit Partnerships both small and large, designed to encourage income generation and growth.
As a skilled trainer, he is experienced in designing, developing and implementing tailor-made training programmes for business professionals with groups of up to 20 delegates. One of Michael’s strengths is working with clients in a supportive manner that challenges them to explore concepts and ideas that takes them beyond their comfort zone. By setting aspirational goals, we can help the individual to explore new and original thinking.
He has significant experience at interpreting Government regulations to determine the financial and organisational implications of change on the prospects and potential success of client’s aspirations.
Michael Spooner lost his sight at 13 years old. Due to the development of medical technology, he was fortunate to benefit from a ground-breaking operation which regained his sight at 16 years old, only to then lose it again at 21 years old during the middle of his University Degree forcing him to leave his Law Degree to study Business and Management.
The challenge of losing his sight has forced him to adapt his life to overcome adversity, leading him to want to inspire and encourage others to take control of their disability or barriers and not allow it to control or hold them back. His approach thinks of alternative and effective ways they can change or adapt their role, so they are not excluded from the labour market or prevented from achieving their business objectives simply because of their background or personal circumstances.
After completing 2 years of research he has formulated a Business Innovation Tool Kit and 12 dynamic and motivational Training Programmes which are now part of the consultancy delivered by the team.

Helidon Kastrati

Founder of ALBUK.TV

Helidon Kastrati a founder of Positive Britain has lead an illustrious life in the development of electonics and television technology since his teenage years.

Now the founder of ALB UK Tv he is seen as a leading philantrophist and keen supporter of communities especially from his background in the Albanian community.

At just 13 he astonished his father a recognised engineer, by converting a VHF to UHF frequncy in electronic system which was capable of receiving Italian Tv by
changing VHF to UHF.

This was quite a dangerous invention system at the time because receiving such signals was specifically banned under the communist dictatorship at the time and could have caused dire consequences for the family.

So popular was the system he started producing boxes for others and this early entrepreneurial spirit has been prominent in his career creating television technology systems for international broadcasters
across the world.

These days his skills are sought by major TV channels helping to develop digital boxes and subscription based channels, including DVB-S to DVB-C/T technology and he sees the implementation of his ideas as a major opportunity for businesses in a more positive Britsin post brexit.

Having an established electronic / digital technolgy business in London he decided to create ALB UK TV nearly two years ago to give Albanian people support and a voice in UK and across the world. 

An Albanian born highly successful British business man who is the founder and creator of ALB UK TV in Colindale London. This is a highly equipped purpose built TV station and channel designed to reflect and promote Albanian culture and activities in Britain. He has been an advocate of a positive Britain post Brexit and his philanthropic nature has seen him fully financially supporting ALB UK TV personally for the past two years since conception.