Community Action

Positive Britain feels that many communities in the country are isolated and the values that they bring to the country are never really highlighted.  Founders of Positive Britain have worked with communities in London for the past six years – see  This strategy was set up with a member of SO15 counter intelligence in London who felt that one method of building bridges between communities was to create television programming on specialist tv channels which highlighted and valued the contributions that they made to their own communities and also in a wider role to the country itself.

The Founders believe that many communities at the moment feel that they have no voice at all, and therefore no value.  Young teenagers constantly express that they have very little to do and their potential values are not recognised in any way.  We feel therefore that part of this disconnection can be resolved by nationally and internationally highlighting the values of communities from young people through to businesses and community projects.  Part of our plan therefore is to create regular television programming designed to promote and highlight the people who are regularly forgotten about but who do such good work within the communities.