Positive Britain prides itself on working with young people and our wider customers on programmes that promote Enterprise and Entrepreneurship as we believe that assisting individuals in creating wealth; promoting their skills and talents and turning ideas into concrete products and services that the market values, is an essential means of building confidence and meeting current challenges that Britain faces.

The programmes include an intensive business support coaching, training and advice that capitalises on the talents and know-how using mainstream tv broadcasting media combined with new forms of social media communication that can create opportunities for unique business ventures for our mainly young customers but we believe for the wider community.

Positive Britain believes that when individuals have the courage to pursue enterprise and capitalise on their entrepreneurial spirit, we are confident that all things are possible, and that aspirations and ambitions can be realised with the right support and with the right team.  Positive Britain is the team that can offer this support to budding entrepreneurs that we know are out there and that we know need our help.